Voodoo SMS are starting their Black Friday offer a whole MONTH before the occasion! This is so you have plenty of time to prepare and utilise SMS to further your campaigns in the build up to "The Main Event".
Black Friday is no longer just a single day of sales, it has become a 4-day event including Black Friday, Sofa Sunday and Cyber Monday. Last year, a crazy £1.4bn was spent over the 4 days.

We're here to help you to prepare for this fantastic opportunity. Sales in recent years have take a dramatic turn from high street stores to eCommerce.....and from eCommerce to mCommerce with almost 40% of the last Black Friday sales being recorded on smartphones.

Sending your Black Friday offers to customers via SMS means they're getting your deals directly to their hands, on the devices from which they'll make the purchase. You can Include personalised voucher codes, or a short URL link to your website, drastically cutting down on the customer journey, guaranteeing an increase in turnover. 

Email inbox's will be teeming, with dozens of companies offering 'The Best' black Friday deals. ......And most will be ignored, deleted or flagged as spam.
SMS is a much more personal and direct approach to sending your traffic to your customers. It's more effective than email marketing, with people being 26% more likely to respond to an SMS campaign over email. Also, 97% of people open an SMS within 4 minutes of receiving it, the facts speak for themselves, SMS is the most effective marketing and sales tool you could use during the coming Black Friday Event. It's also by far the most cost effective method of reaching your customers, and with the Voodoo SMS Black Friday deals, you can't afford to miss out!

How To Redeem Offer:

To redeem your amazing offer, log-in or sign up. Once you have, top up, checkout and send a copy of your invoice to accounts@voodoosms.com where your free credits will be applied.

Get ahead of the game and take your piece of that £1.4bn!

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