This agreement is between Bulk SMS Limited and its subsidiaries, and the Customer using Bulk SMS’s messaging platform. For SLA affecting details not mentioned in this agreement, commonsense and professional business ethics are expected from both parties.

1. Bulk SMS Support Contact Details

The Customer may always contact Bulk SMS’s Customer Support by phone or by email, should you have any technical questions and/or need technical support related to the service(s) provided. Bulk SMS’s telephone Customer Support representatives are available 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, and email support is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Customer is asked to make sure to always address Bulk SMS’s Support Team in the English language.

  • Telephone Number: 08:00 GMT – 20:00 GMT 0800 773 4455, 01484 399 511
  • E-mail: 24 hours:

2. Contacting Bulk SMS Support in case of loss of service, or service disturbance

All contacts with Bulk SMS Support should be followed with a supporting email to Bulk SMS Support cannot guarantee to further process any contact without a supporting email explaining query in detail. We endeavor to contact the Customer within 4 hours of email. When calling Bulk SMS Support, Customers will get the option to leave a voice mail message if all Support Engineers are unavailable to answer the Customer’s call. Customers are asked to have the following information available before contacting Bulk SMS’s Support to enable speedy response:

  • Customer Account Name on VoodooSMS system
  • Customer Account Number on VoodooSMS system
  • Contact name and telephone number
  • A brief description of the problem
  • Any data to help investigate the problem

3. Bulk SMS voicemail

If the Customer reaches the voicemail system, Bulk SMS’s Support Team will return the call within

4 hours to confirm that the Support Engineers have started to examine the problem, and are

working towards a resolution. Bulk SMS’s Support Team will contact the Customer regularly,

providing feedback and updated information until the problem has been completely resolved.

4. Definition of loss of service and service disturbance, and resolution time

Loss of Service and Service Disturbance are ranked according to the following priorities:

Priority 1: Active services that completely fail to operate, examples:

  • Customer cannot connect to Bulk SMS’s Messaging Platform
  • No message delivery
  • More than 30 minutes delays on ≥ 20% messages
  • Severe message duplication
  • 100% loss of Delivery Notifications
  • Character Encoding problems where the whole message content is faulty on ≥ 20% of the messages sent

Priority 2: Active services that are clearly impaired, examples:

Continuous intermittent connectivity issues to Bulk SMS’s Messaging Platform

  • Above 10% message delivery failure
  • More than 30 minutes delays on < 20% messages
  • Above 30% loss of Delivery Notifications
  • Minor message duplication
  • Character Encoding problems where the whole message content is faulty on < 20% of the messages sent

Priority 3: Active services affected, but defect is not critical for service to run, examples:

  • Occasional connectivity issues to Bulk SMS’s Messaging Platform
  • 10% or less message delivery failure
  • More than 30 minutes delays on < 5% messages
  • 30% or less loss of Delivery Notifications
  • Character Encoding problems where the whole message content is faulty on <5% of the messages sent
  • Faulty or malfunctions in Reports, or Reporting Tool

Priority 4: Minor or none service affecting issues, examples:

  • Cosmetic API and tool problems
  • Testing and implementation guidance
  • Minor delivery problems
  • Character encoding problems where parts of the content is faulty
  • Minor losses of Delivery Notifications

Priority Percentage of tickets Resolved within:

  • Priority 1 90% < 4 hours
  • Priority 2 90% < 1 day
  • Priority 3 90% < 5 working days
  • Priority 4 90% < 10 working days

The Customer will confirm Bulk SMS’s failure record. This record shall serve as evidence for the time of the failure report, except if the Customer provides evidence to the contrary.

5. Unauthorised use

Failures resulting from the unauthorised use or misuse of any application and/or system will be processed by Bulk SMS as a regular incident as provided by the obligations resulting from the present Service Level Agreement. Any costs resulting from this type of failures will be charged to the Customer.

6. Scheduled activities

Both parties agree to notify each other in reasonable time before any scheduled activities take place, which may affect the quality and/or performance of the service(s).

7. Other stipulations

Bulk SMS shall not be held liable for any failures resulting from technical deficiencies related to a third party, or any matters outside Bulk SMS’s control. Bulk SMS reserves the right to change this agreement without any prior notice, to which the Customer can chose to agree or disagree with. Any objection to the changes in this agreement should be addressed to Bulk SMS’s Management, in writing, within 30 days of the notified change.

If any part of this Service Level Agreement contradicts any part of the Business Contract established between Bulk SMS and the Customer, the Business Contract will have precedence.

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